Festival Musrara Mix #14: Analog-Epilog
The MusraraMix festival is an international multidisciplinary event that takes place in the borderline neighborhood of Musrara, initiated and produced by the Naggar school of Art, Musrara. The festival is a hub of artistic and social happenings, embodying the political and cultural essence of Jerusalem and Israel. Every year the festival is based around one theme. The 14th year of the festival is the year of Analog-Epilog.
The festival expresses the school’s outlook. We believe in the significant role the creative process has, when it turns our gaze onto society and the identities that structure it. We believe in the power the festival has, as part of the educational process of the students.
The Naggar school of art, Musrara, invites the public to participate in the events taking place during the festival, to experience the neighborhood, explore its streets, be a guest in the backyards, meet the residents and enjoy some of the best multidisciplinary art made in Israel and the world today. The Naggar school of art, Musrara, invites you to take part in each of the events of the festival, to experience the neighborhood, tour its alleys, be a guest in the backyards, meet the residents and enjoy some of the best interdisciplinary art made in Israel and the world today.

We would like to thank our partners: firstly the residents of Musrara, the public funds and organizations from Israel and abroad that sponsor our activity, and of course our students, teachers and school staff.



Neighborhood Exhibition




Students' Works






Music program, Musrara Mix #14
The Intimate Stage 
TUE 20/5  WED 21/5  THU 22/5 
Students Performances
A selection of performances from final projects by students of New Music Department.
Popular Ensemble
Original songs written and performed by students.
Instructed by: Hezy Hait
Modern Ensemble
In cooperation with students from SUNY College at Oneonta’s Experimental Music Group
Instructed by: Dan Weinstein & Prof. Joe Pignato
Students Performances
A selection of performances from final projects by students of New Music Department
Students Performances
A selection of performances from final projects by students of New Music Department
Students Performances
A selection of performances from final projects by students of New Music Department
Performance Ensemble
Tetris principles: Lihi Admon, Noam Ahdut, Amir Meir, Adam Ben-Noon, Eli Levy, Ayala Avizur. Video by Ofir Kellermann; Instructed by: Ilan Green
Martin Gadget
Teacher's exclusive group: Yoni Niv, Prof. Joe Pignato, Lior Pinsky, Ilan Green
Jacques Dudon (FR)
The Photosonic Disc: Photosonic disc that produce sound from modulated light
The Central Stage - every day from 20:45 
TUE 20/5
Ticket: 40 NIS / one for two  
WED 21/5
Ticket: 60 NIS / one for two  
THU 22/5
Ticket: 40 NIS / one for two  
Michal Paulina Oppenheim
The well-known singer and performer in a journey made of indie-pop, hip-hop and folk harmony
Michal Paulina, Itay Zengy, Ilil Kna'an, Na'ama Altman
A unique and organic combination between soul music and the digital world
Itay Zuk, Yael Feldinger, Yael Geva, Roy Heled, Nir Bloom, Neta Cohen-Shani
Trio Farthest South
A trio, in search of their private, yet the collective unconscious mind, through a musical journey which never ends.
Yair Etziony, Yair Yona, Berry Barko
Yossi Fine & the Remix
Yossi Fine – bass/computer, Michael Avgil – drums Miss Adevo – african percussion, flute, vocals Benjamin Sai -african percussion, flute, and vocals Shachar Katchka- kora, Yoni Ohana – african xylophone
Knessiyat Ha Sechel
Musrara Mon Amour: A Homage to Musrara neighborhood and Musrara School
Yoram Hazan, Ami Reiss, Ran Elmaliach, David Raz, Daniel Zeiblat
DJ Alec Empire (Germany)
The man and the legend in a grand-finale gig to celebrate the end of Musraramix festival.

Neighborhood Exhibition "Analog-Epilog" 20- 22/5 2014, 7pm-11pm (19:00-23:00)

The exhibition “Analog-Epilog” deals with the borders between analog and digital media, between the virtual and the tangible, as well as between the social, economic and artistic mechanisms that operate within these realms. The festival gathers artists who have been researching the world of analog images and sounds versus the contemporary reality and digital world in which we exist and act. The art works utilize a variety of methods in order to analyze the transition from analog to digital and they describe a wide range of uses of technology, through imaginative tools and content.
Treehouse#2 Bjørn Melhus Failed Memories David Szauder Paralyzed Movement Sharon Paz Layers Noa Nahari Document Anthony Antonellis Critical Systems Alert Bjørn Melhus Our Lady 2012 Eszter Szabo Untitled 11.11.12 Dodi Reifenberg INGRAIN Joyce Clay DX 386 Alexei Shulgin DeusExMachina ForReal Team
Paint and Play Niki Neecke Closed Circuits Yossi and Guido Mar-Chaim Extend.FM Alma Aloro and Daphna Keenan Cadavre Yaniv Schonfeld & Ayelet Lerman
Opus 01 Uri Levinson & Adaya Godlevsky Crocheted Audio Ola Lewin MYNAMEIS Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski Thread of Fate (Teletext Norn) Raquel Meyers Windows 2014 Lotem Sayag & Dan Barcelo ASINGELINE MAMAZA Autonomous Orchestra Niki Neecke
The Axis Reversed Eran Nave Beach Beast Theo Jansen WeitWeitWeg (Far Far Away) Bjørn Melhus Spem in Alium Grischa Lichtenberger Gif Salon Anthony Antonellis Looking for Jesus Katarzyna Kozyra Our Lady‘s Forever Anna Konik 1948 With Hugs and Kisses Gali Lea Blay
Galleries 20- 22/5 2014, 7:00 pm-11:00 pm (19:00-23:00)
The Derfler Gallery  
Portrait Nude Still Life Group exhibition / Analog photography.
Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
The Dark Room Lab 
Light in the Dark Room Group exhibition / Light boxes.
Curator: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
The Social Gallery 
Dark Matter Group exhibition of the Musrara Greenhouse Project
The Musrara Greenhouse Project: Chen Cohen, Yali Reichert, Nadejda Shuvalova, Almog Gez, Hagar Avida, Keren Rosenberg & Eli Max Kichka.
Hosting: Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Maya Israel, Yaakov Israel, Noa Sadka, Eyal Ben-dov, Ido Cohen, Itzik Harush & maayan Ouli.
Curating Guided By: Maayan Sheleff, Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Haim Ben Shitrit & Eyal Ben-dov.

The New Gallery 
The Park / Kohei Yoshiyuki (Japan) Black and white photographs from the 70's, taken in Tokyo's parks. The artists documented people who gathered at night, hiding in the bushes, to watch couples making sex, sometimes participated in.
The exhibition is a loan of Yossi Milo gallery, New York.


Timeline / Ryszard Waśko (Poland) The source of the images/stories he uses comes from the social networks.
He collected images/photos that were distributed by people on facebook and other nets, along with the text that they attached to it.
Curator: Sharon Horodi
The Misdaron Gallery (Students’ Gallery) 
No Media Group exhibition

Young & Promising: International Students & Art Schools Program

Poznan University of Art, Poland
Studio of Intermedia Activities and Photography Intermedia Department
with with Marcin Ptaszynski, Maria Ornaf, Anna Raczynski, Maciej Rudzin, Ewa Polska
Curator:Prof. Piotr Kurka
Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
Faculty of Fine Arts
with Krystof Ambruz , Barbora Bencikova & Martin Dlabaja, McCall, Anna Slamova, Matej Zet, Petr Machac
Curator:Martin Zet   
Kassel School of Art and Design, Germany
with Ipek Burçak, Lina Walde, Arzu Saglam, Kristin Meyer, Clara Winter
Curator:Bjørn Melhus & Alex Gerbaulet   >
Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Intermedia Department
with Diána Keller, Viktor Vicsek, Katarina Sevic-Zita Majoros, Roland Korponovits, Annamaria Szentpeteri , András Csüllög, Márton Mózes Murányi, András Csüllög, Bence Bálint
Curator: Szabolcs KissPál
Haifa University, Israel
References from Haifa to Jerusalem: The MFA students of Haifa University built together a mechanical machine that is moving around the neighborhood by the force of the users. The work connects between Haifa down-town area and Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem.
New Media Department Musrara
The Inner Mechanism - Video-Mapping around the neighborhood
Instructor: Arik Futterman

Cause & Effect - Goldberg Machine Instructors: Zvika Merkfeld & Saron Paz
This Is Not A Bulb Daniel Bassin & Omri David
VCRIP - Yotam Michael Yogev
Photography Department Musrara
Analog Mix: Manual photography workflow
Curators: Karin Shabtai & Ayelet Hashahar Cohen
Visual Communication Department Musrara
The Question of the Day
Collaboration of Neta shalem, a student with Rafi Ohayon,
Instructor: Guy Goldstein

New Music Department Musrara 
After Beckett - Performance
Instructor: Avi Berman
Circles - sound installation in the music studio. Elad Dan & Lihi Admon
A collaboration between the New Music & New Media departments of Musrara and the choreography program of the Jerusalem Academy for Music & Dance.
Instructors: Anat Shamger, Kiki Keren-Huss & Vera Korman
The Ma'aleh School of Film, Jerusalem
Students' films
Workshops & Lectures
Wednesday, 21.5.2014
1:00-2:30pm (13:00-14:30): David Szauder - Failed Memories
2:30-4:00pm (14:30-16:00): Jacques Dudon - Photosonic Synthesis
Thursday 22.5.2014
1:00-2:30pm (13:00-14:30): Bjørn Melhus- From analog to Digilog
2:30-4:00pm (14:30-16:00) Alec Empire - Analog Sound Tools

Adaya Godlevsky (Israel)
Alec Empire (Germany)
Alexei Shulgin (Russia)
Alma Aloro (Israel/Germany)
Anna Konik (Poland)
Anthony Antonellis (USA)
Ayelet Lerman (Israel)
Bjørn Melhus (Germany)
Dan Barcelo (Israel)
David Szauder (Hungary)
Daphna Keenan (Israel / Germany)
Dodi Reifenberg (Germany)
Eran Nave (Israel)
Eszter Szabo (Hungary)
Farthest South (Israel)
ForReal Team (Israel)
Gali Lea Blay (Israel)
Grischa Lichtenberger (Germany)
Guido Mar-Chaim (Israel)
Jacques Dudon (France)
Joe Pignato (USA)
Joyce Clay (Canada)
Katarzyna Kozyra (Poland)
Knessiyat Ha Sechel(Israel)
Kohei Yoshyuki (Japan)
Lotem Sayag (Israel)
MAMAZA (Swizerland/Germany)
Michal Paulina (Israel)
Niki Neecke (Germany)
Noa Nahari (Israel)
Ola Lewin (Germany)
Phototaxis (Israel)
Raquel Meyers (Spain)
Ryszard Wasko (Poland)
Sharon Paz (Israel/Germany)
Shoshanah’ Ciechanowski (Israel)
Theo Jansen (Holland)
Yaniv Schonfeld (Israel)
Yossi Fine (Israel)
Yossi Mar-Chaim (Israel)
Uri Levinson (Israel)

The Naggar School of Art, Musrara, Jerusalem - The people create the difference!
The Naggar school of Photography, New-Media, New-Music, Visual Communication and Phototherapy in Musrara, Jerusalem, was set from the beginning to function as an institute with a different nature - open to it's environment, inspecting new approaches and dealing with important issues concerning society in Israel. Early influences on the school’s spirit are the myths connected to the neighborhood of Musrara: its past as a border of the pre 67 war Israel, as an impoverished place and as a ground for social struggle. All of these are integrated in the school’s being and vision.
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Musrara Mix #14: Contact, Information & Festival-Team
Musrara Mix-Team 2014
Festival Director & Head Curator Avi Sabag
Main Exhibition Curators Saron Paz & Sharon Horodi
Musical DirectorIlan Green
Production Management Shlomit Yaacov
Technical Management Itzik Aroush
Production & Coordination: Molly Malekar
Office Management Maya Cohen
Coordination Musicians from abroad:Polly Geltser
Stage Management Lir Ben-David
Digital LabUdi Asaf
Documentation Management Avi Dabach, Arik Futterman and Itai Nadav
Technical Team Yossi Golan, Emil Leibner, Yaniv Kuris, Asaf Elboher, Yaser Reashe
Students Supervisors Ayelet Hashahar Cohen, Zvika Merkfeld, Saron Paz, Avi Berman, Kiki Keren-Huss, Anat Shamgar, Vera Korman, Guy Goldstein Public Relations Mira Ann Beinart
Graphic Design and Visual Branding As.I.Am - Avihai Mizrahi and Adam Sessler
Website: Drei Wünsche Frei - Studio for Hybrid Culture, Berlin
Contact and Information
The Naggar School of Photography, New Media, New Music, Visual-Communication and Photo-Therapy Presents:
Musrara Mix Festival
9 Ha'Ayin Het st.
Jerusalem 91323
Po Box 32356 Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-6286519 ::: Fax: 02-6264479
Email: maya[at]
Guided Tours through the Neighborhood and the Exhibitions
Tuesday and Thursday at 20:30
Meeting point: 9 Ha'Ayin Het St, at the Café in the School’s backyard
Price: 25 NIS per person
To order tickets to the guided tours
Molly: 02-628519 ex.109 ::: Fax: 02-6264479
Email: danab[at]

We would like to express our gratitude to all our partners, supporters and sponsors: